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Top 10 Career Management Myths

Many people believe in a kind of “career mythology.” Their assumptions and expectations are distorted, which gets them into trouble in their careers! Here are the top 10 “myths”:

  1. The most qualified candidate gets the job offer.
  2. As long as I have a job, I don’t have to work on my career.
  3. My professional education stopped when I graduated from school.
  4. Employers always offer the most generous compensation they can afford.
  5. If I just do a good job, my position will be secure.
  6. My resumé is the only document I need to search for a job and advance my career.
  7. Recruiters will find me a new position, so I don’t have to search for jobs myself.
  8. Employers are responsible for managing my career path.
  9. Networking is only for salespeople and jobseekers – I don’t need to network because I have a job.
  10. Most good opportunities are listed on job web sites, so they’re easy to identify.

If folks don’t grasp the reality of the situation and dispel these misconceptions, they’ll never have a chance to achieve their career potential.

Source: LinkedIn Pulse

Ford R. Myers is a career coach and President of Career Potential, LLC.

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