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Interview Coaching


In preparation for the interview we work with you to develop 1-2 minute (100-200 word) answers to a comprehensive collection of questions, including any that might create discomfort for you. These answers allow you to speak about yourself and your achievements in a manner guaranteed to impress any interviewer.

Why will your answers impress?
Because, though the questions are about you, the answers will always be couched in terminology that responds to the actual requirements of the role and the needs of the hiring manager and the company.

An important part of the process then is learning how to highlight these actual role requirements prior to the interview. Doing so allows you to answer the interviewer’s questions at a deeper and more impactful level and to show your motivation to do the job (the no. 1 deciding factor in interview success).

Upon completion of this process you will feel fully prepared to face any interview question: not only will you know how to answer any question that the interviewer might have but you will also understand the logic behind the approach.

How the Process Works:
• When you contact ClearCoaching and send your CV we have a phone conversation to determine your needs
• We send you a document which contains multiple questions and guidance on how to approach them
• You then write 100-200 word answers. This should take about one week to complete
• We have a 2 x 1.5-hour conversations viz Zoom during which we meticulously fine tune your answers to ensure cogent responses and maximum impact
• We discuss questions which you can use during the interview which facilitate you taking greater control of the process and ensure that the interviewer is left in no doubt that you are the best candidate for the job.

Are you nervous about doing interviews?
This preparation will alleviate your excess nerves and make the process manageable. And, rest assured, during the process we will tackle any questions that might create particular discomfort for you.


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