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Career Coaching + CV Review


This great value bundle is very popular with Non-Executives who want to combine our Career Exploration and Guidance Services with our CV Rewrite Package in a cost-effective way.

Career Exploration Includes:

Your career-exploration, one-to-one meeting is the centrepiece of the career-change process. This is a 4-hour consultation.

There are 3 x 20-minute follow-up sessions via Zoom or phone and, we continue to forward any relevant information via email far into the future.

Why do people choose to engage in this process? Clear Careers clients engage in this process for a variety of reasons: to explore new career options and new career directions; to understand how best to source alternative employers; to learn how best to move up the ladder into management and senior management.

How? By exploring:

  • your Skills (innate, learned and self-management), and relatedly, your Strengths;
  • your Personality Traits (“introverted”, “confident” etc., as they relate to work: the parts of your personality that others see);
  • your Personality Type (Realist, Investigative, Entrepreneurial, Artistic, Social, Conventional);
  • your Values (…your Career Drivers), and relatedly, your Purpose;
  • your Life Circumstances, and;
  • the Future of Employment

The aim is to look at the whole picture; to try to take any short-term thinking out of the equation and to instead build a long-term, lasting, rewarding and future-proofed approach.

During the consultation we draft an Action Plan which forms the basis for follow-up calls to encourage activity and minimise procrastination.

Psychometric Inventories are often employed to extract the above, and you may prefer this approach. Though qualified to use these we opt for the more challenging but ultimately more accurate approach of talking through these career-choice indicators because we believe it is better to test and challenge assumptions and assertions rather than rely on limited, and thus limiting, test results.

CV Rewrite Includes:

When we receive your CV, we go through it with a fine-tooth comb, and, using MS Word’s Review Comments facility, review your CV with questions, comments and suggestions which we email back to you.

Together this bundle will get you well one your way to the next level!


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